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David was chosen for the third time to be the Masterclass photographer for Garuda inflight magazine in Jan 2017

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Bali Photography Tour

Bali Photography Tour & International Long Tours


Explore the magic, beauty and cultures of Bali with Taksu Photography tours.

Full Day & Half Day Photo Tour Bali

Half day or Full day
BALI PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR FULL DAY & HALF DAY PHOTO TOUR ON BALI Discover the real Bali Join Ubud based photographer David Metcalf & Balinese photographer Nyoman on a FULL DAY or HALF DAY TOUR and discover the inner world of Bali. ~This photography tour is for photographers of all levels~ Indonesia is a paradise for photography, offering spectacular landscapes, people, architecture,...
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Long Photo Tours - Discover the essence of place with photography tours


22 Jan 2019 - 04 Feb 2019

Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage

Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage is a vibrant and insightful travelogue, delving into the far corners of the archipelago, discovering hidden cultures and forgotten traditions.

David Metcalf’s photography captures the absolute essence of Indonesia’s diverse lands, while Stephanie Brookes brilliantly conveys in words the wonderment as they travel around the nation.

International Shipping US $30.90
Local shipping Indonesia US $19.57

Get this book for US $15 directly at Taksu Photo Gallery


Looking for Borneo

Looking for Borneo as “a celebration of the island of Borneo, its environment and its people. At the same time, it is a call to action, a plea to save this special place from the ravages of development.

A collection of writings, drawings, photographs and music, inspired by Kalimantan and Mark Heyward’s acclaimed book, Crazy Little Heaven, an Indonesian Journey, this new volume is a unique artistic collaboration and a fine contribution to the body of Indonesian travel literature.

International Shipping US $80.34
Local shipping Indonesia US $52.53

Get this book for US $46 directly at Taksu Photo Gallery


Bali Essence

Promising to be the most evocative book on Bali yet, Master Photographer David Metcalf, with Balinese talent, Nyoman Pujawan, take you on a journey of old Bali.

Narrated by Clare McAlaney, this book will bring emotions to the fore as you explore the road less traveled, while pondering on the possibility it could be lost forever.

International Shipping US $32.96
Local shipping Indonesia US $21.22

Get this book for US $17 directly at Taksu Photo Gallery

Indonesia has always been stunning – every single island is a real treat and we are thrilled to present you our calendar for 2018! This selection of photographs takes you on a year long journey through this diverse and colourful Bali! By buying one of these calendars, you will support the local Dayaks in Borneo as they work hard in preserving their incredible culture and forests! 10% of each calendar sold goes to David’s projects in Borneo. 150,000 IDR each 125,000 IDR for two or more, Limited supply – So grab your calendar for 2018 quick! Local sale. Contact if you want to get one or come around to Taksu Photo Gallery, Ubud Bali.


Bajau, The Sea Gypsies of the Togeans

I met Rohadi, a Bajau Sea Gypsy man at his home in the Togean Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia last month.  I sat and heard tales of his life underwater.  His trials and tribulations of being a man of the sea – a Bajau hunter.  He has spent more of his life under the water,...
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Hidden Heritage: The Sweet Melodies of Rote

I slowly shuffled forward in the queue of passengers boarding the ferry at Kupang Harbour. I was about to cross the Timor Sea to Rote Island. Ahead of me, a long line of tall-coned straw-like cowboy hats snaked its way up the gangplank. Finally arriving at the comfortable VIP...
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Kalimantan Ma’anyan Death Ceremony

“We believe that the human body is inhabited by a life giving spirit. We call this an amirue. When a person dies, his or her spirit becomes an adiau, just for the time of its journey to the place where the amirue resides. During the nine days of the Ijame ceremony we help the...
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On the Obama Trail – Bali and Java

Published:   Garuda Colours In-Flight Magazine, September 2017 In June this year, following an invitation by Indonesia’s President Jokowi Widodo to visit the Presidential Palace just out of Jakarta, President Obama came to Indonesia. This visit had special significance for Obama...
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Bali Aga – Sacred Swings and Ancient Ways

Published NowJakarta Magazine Sept 1, 2017   Karangasem Regency in East Bali is an area of intense beauty dominated by Bali’s highest and most sacred volcano. Mt Agung’s 3,142-metre peak, and its dramatic foothills and valleys shaped by centuries of lava flows, combine to...
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The Magic of Kalimantan

Kalimantan is an island offering superb snorkeling and diving, pristine rainforests, a rich array of exotic wildlife and is home to the Dayak people, some of the friendliest people in the world. Come on a journey to three handpicked places and discover what adventures awaits you....
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The King and I Boti Village, West Timor

In the highlands of Timor on an isolated mountain ridge is the village of Boti. A very humble and gracious king reigns there, ruling over 76 families and 316 Boti tribal members. He is often referred to as the last king of West Timor. There is no evidence that the colonizers ever...
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Culture, Color and a Global Gathering at Gawai Festival

Story by STEPHANIE BROOKES Photos by DAVID METCALF I stood with my blowpipe at the ready. “Gather strength from your core and aim high,” Agus advised. “We are excited to have an Australian team enter the competition and best of luck to you”, he added with a broad smile. More than...
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The Wana Wanderers of Sulawesi

Story by Stephanie Brookes Photos by David Metcalf There is only one way to meet the Wana tribe. You must walk into their rugged territory. Arrangements should be made in advance because the Wana are wanderers and their territory is vast. They pack up and move when the village...
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