About David Metcalf

David has lived Indonesia for 9 years.  He resides in Bali and is the author of three cultural photography books, regularly holds photography exhibitions and is a spokesperson for the indigenous Dayak people of Kalimantan. David delivers a photo tour which connects you deeply with travel and culture, and will open photographic learning opportunities that will take you to another level of seeing and feeling the subject.

David was born in Wellington, New Zealand and his passion for photography started at 19 years old, when he bought his first Kodak camera. David is an insightful tutor and will inspire you to put the manual down, engage with the subject, access your creativity and capture the essence of a photo.

David uses a combination of Nikon D800 and D810 full frame cameras with a variety of lenses, including: Sigma 35mm, f1.4; 50mm, f1.4; 70 – 200mm, f2.8; Tamron 150 - 600 mm; lensebaby.

One of the most powerful emotions that people feel when visiting ancient cultures, is the desire to want to help and contribute in a positive way to local community projects. Through our carefully nurtured and long term relationships built with the village elders, initiatives have been put in place to support educational eco-programs and sustainable solutions.

10% of tour fees supports 3 local preservation & educational projects in Bali and Borneo.

David Metcalf is regularly published in Garuda Indonesia Colours, Air Asia 3Sixty, Indonesia expat, NowJakarta, Jakarta Post, Bali & Beyond and various more magazines. He is a regular contributor for Now Jakarta Magazine with a monthly “Hidden Heritage” travel column. Recently David was chosen as the featured photographer in Master Class in Colours Garuda Indonesia Inflight Magazine.

David has held many successful Photo Exhibitions (2004, 2005, 2006, 2014) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

David Metcalf Photography connects people from different backgrounds and cultures, enabling a greater understanding and appreciation of the beauty and uniqueness in people and their environment.

Whether it is the beauty and innocence in the face of a young child, the stunning beauty of the natural forests, or the colour and vibrancy of an ancient cultural ceremony, there is an underlying reverence that guides David. Perhaps the conscious photographer is an apt term for what David delivers with his photography tours in Bali, across Indonesia and abroad.

Claire McAlaney, Author, Publisher & Designer - Create a Vision Publishing

A resident of Bali, David Metcalf specialises in cultural photography tours and workshops across Indonesia, covering the nations secluded temples, ancient sites and tucked-away vistas. He is particularly passionate about the wonder and beauty of the forests in Kalimantan (Borneo) and the ancient wisdom of the custodians of these lands – the Dayaks.

David is also the author of a recently released photography book on Indonesian culture entitled “Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage – Cultural Journeys of Discovery”

Nyoman Pujawan has worked with David for the last three years and is one of Bali’s emerging photographic talents, if not already there. Nyoman is from the very traditional Balinese village Pejeng Kelod, Petemon and first started taking photographs when he was 18 years old with a Yasica Camera. Nyoman has devoted most of his waking time in the past three years travelling around the regional areas and through hidden villages of Bali.

His photography has been influenced by New Zealand photographers Mike Langford and Jackie Ranken, and Australian Master Photographer Mark Rayner. It’s thought that Nyoman is one of the few Balinese photographers to feature in a book like “Bali Essence“.

Nyoman uses a Canon D Mark III camera and a selection of various Canon lenses.

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